Child support payment

Child support payment, in other words child maintenance payment, is obligatory in any divorce case involving minor children. Child support payment is part of the divorce judgment. The judge decides a specific amount which should be paid on monthly basis. It should be paid either to the hands or on the bank account of the parent who has the principal residential and care responsibility for the children after the divorce.
The amount of child support depends on the income of both parents, their current family situation, their financial obligations and child’ justified needs. The amount of child support is not set once for ever. It can and will be altered (increased) accoring to actual situation of both parents and child.

At what age do child maintenance payments stop?

In Poland, child support shall be paid until the child shall reaches a certain age. The minimum age is 18 years. However, if the child continues its education child support shall be paid till the child finishes it or till it is 25 years old. In some exceptional situations, the time when child support shall be paid might be extended. It may happen for example when the child is disabled.