Parental authority

Parental rights after divorce in Poland

Parental rights after divorce in Poland  can be a quite difficult moment. In reality, there is no definition of parental authority in the Polish Family and Guardianship Code. Generally, parental authority mean all legal rights and obligations that you get as a parent. The aim of parental authority is to protect once’ child and to provide proper care for it.

After the divorce, it can still be possible to continue joint parental authority. However,  in some cases, a parent might believe that it would be better for the children to have parental authority of the other parent either limited or terminated.

Limitation or termination of parental rights after divorce in Poland

Both limitation and termination of parental authority can be due to the absence of the ex-spouse or ex-partner, lack of involvement in taking care of the children, addictions or abuse.

Termination of the parental rights is a very drastic step which will not easily be  taken by the court.  Termination of parental rights removes all legal rights of the parent towards his/her children. The limitation of parental authority usually means  that the parent has right to decide about vital issues of child life such as its education, medication and moving abroad.