Responsibilities of the Father Who Is Not Married to the Mother – Expenses Related to Pregnancy and Childbirth

Today’s article will focus on the responsibilities of a father who is not married to the mother regarding expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth. In Polish law, there are several provisions aimed at protecting the rights of the mother and supporting the family during pregnancy and childbirth. One significant aspect is outlined in Article 141 of the Family and Guardianship Code, concerning the obligation of the mother’s partner to cover expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Provision Ensures Financial Support for Mothers from Non-Marital Partners During Pregnancy and Childbirth

According to this provision, the mother’s partner who is not her husband is responsible for covering the necessary expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth to an extent corresponding to the circumstances. Undoubtedly, this is an essential safeguard for women, especially in situations where they do not have sufficient financial means to meet all the needs associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

Legal Obligation for Non-Marital Partners to Cover Comprehensive Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Newborn Expenses – Responsibilities of a Father.

This obligation includes various costs such as medical visits, diagnostic tests, medication, as well as costs related to childbirth, such as hospital stays and medical care. The mother’s partner may be required to cover these costs not only when the mother cannot finance them herself but also when she is unable to bear these costs alone, for example, due to lack of income or low income. It is also established in legal doctrine that expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth also include costs to meet the basic needs of the newborn, such as the purchase of a crib, stroller, clothing, car seat, etc., commonly referred to as layette.

Regulations Support Minor Mothers: Right to Seek Financial Aid from Non-Marital Fathers for Childbirth and Beyond

A minor mother also has the right to demand from the father, who is not her husband, the covering of the costs of her maintenance for three months during childbirth. According to current regulations, for valid reasons, the mother may request the father’s contribution to her maintenance costs for a period longer than three months. Importantly, when determining the father’s contributions to the mother’s maintenance, his earning and property capabilities should be taken into account, although the primary factor determining the amount of these benefits will be the justified needs of the mother and child.

Court Considers Individual Circumstances in Deciding Financial Support for Mothers by Non-Marital Partners

In each case, the court deciding on the obligation to contribute to covering expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth, as well as the costs of the mother’s maintenance during childbirth, will take into account the individual circumstances of the case, such as the financial capabilities of the mother’s partner, his relationship with the mother, and the welfare of the child. Claims by the mother against her partner expire after 3 years from the child’s birth.

Shared Responsibility: The Role of Non-Marital Partners in Supporting Mothers During Pregnancy and Childbirth

However, it is worth noting that the obligation of the mother’s partner to cover expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth stems from the principle of shared responsibility for the family and the obligation to support the partner during periods of special needs, such as pregnancy and childbirth. It is also an expression of equality and solidarity within the family, aiming to ensure adequate care and support for the mother and child. The shared responsibility of the mother’s partner for covering expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth is crucial for providing decent living conditions for the mother and child and for promoting equality and solidarity within the family.

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