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What questions to ask a lawyer about child custody

The first consultation with a lawyer can very often cause us fear and anxiety. We wonder what questions to ask and how the consultation will proceed. In today’s article, we would like to show you what questions  you can ask a lawyer regarding matters related to parental authority. What types of parental authority exist in the Polish […]

Threat of injunction and injunction of payment

Today’s article will be devoted entirely to the matter of the threat of injunctive relief and consequently, an order for payment. What it means and when we can apply for such a solution, we will try to present to you below.   According to the Family and Guardianship Code in force, and in principle Article […]

Parental abduction and return of a child under the Hague Convention

Parental conflicts very often directly affect the parties’ minor children. After the separation the parents, although initially they agreed on the conditions of child custody and issues related to the child’s place of residence, after some time they cease to abide by them. What if, despite a foreign judgment determining the issues related to minors, […]

When the court can declare separation between spouses ?

Today’s article is devoted to the institution of separation, and in fact, the events that affect its decision or not by the court. The word separation comes from the Latin word “separatio” which means disconnection, separation or affiliation. When trying to define the institution which is separation it should be undoubtedly emphasized that it consists […]

Divorce and the determination of paternity issues

The issue of establishing paternity is very important after the birth of a child from the legal point of view because its absence may cause many formal problems. Polish regulations directly provide for situations when the mother’s husband is considered the father of the child. But what if the child was born after the divorce […]