Eviction of Spouse from Housing in Divorce Judgment

There are a number of crucial issues to be resolved by the court during divorce proceedings. Without any doubt, the problem of common marital immovable property is of vital importance. The court ruling on a divorce matter usually decides on the way of using the housing where both spouses lived prior to the divorce. In […]

Alimonies for Parents: In Which Cases You May Claim Maintenance from Your Children?

In Polish family Law the notion “maintenance obligation” is usually associated either with the parents’ duty to maintain their children or with the alimonies that one spouse should pay to another in case of divorce. That is why one may ask whether alimonies can be paid by adult children to their retired parents. If yes, […]

Concubinage: In Which Way is It Different From Marriage?

In our modern world many couples live together without any formal marriage. That situation is described by an old Latin term “concubinage” meaning a civil union of two citizens wishing to build up a common life, however, without getting married. The mentioned phenomenon still exists gaining more and more popularity. It is widely used in […]