Parental abduction during the course of a case to order the return of a minor under the provisions of the Hague Convention

The issue of parental abduction is a highly complicated topic that generates a lot of negative emotions however, it is increasingly the subject of lawsuits. Parental abduction issues are regulated in detail in the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, drawn up in The Hague on October 25, 1980.  Recently, our law […]

How does the pronouncement of separation affect the question of inheritance from a spouse?

To begin with, it is worth recalling what we really mean by separation. It should be noted that we can distinguish between two types of it, namely factual separation, that is, a separation as a result of which the spouses decide on their own and the court does not interfere in matters between the spouses. […]

How to determine the composition and value of the joint property before its division?

Recent articles have mostly dealt with the issue of division of the parties’ joint property after divorce. Today we would like to address another issue remaining in the above-mentioned topic, namely, we will try to explain to you how to determine the composition and value of the joint property before its division.   How to […]

Alternate care and alimony

Today’s article will continue to address the issue of alternate custody. However, we will focus on the relationship that exists between the court’s ruling on alternate custody and the need to meet alimony payments to minors.    Referring to the regulations contained in Article 133 § 1 of the Criminal Code, parents are obliged to […]

Divorce of Ukrainian citizens before a Polish court – is it possible?

For several years, there has been a regular influx of Ukrainian citizens who come to Poland in search of work or a better life. However, last year was a record year in this regard due to the fact of the ongoing war in Ukraine. Recently, our law firm has received a number of inquiries regarding […]

Division of the house after divorce

Today’s article will be devoted entirely to the subject of division of property and, more specifically, to the issue of division of the joint house of spouses after a divorce has been decreed. At the outset, it is worth pointing out that according to the legislator’s regulations, “At the moment of marriage, a community of […]


Very often parents before the birth of their child wonder what name the new family member will get, whether they have the right to choose or not in this regard. This issue is regulated by the provisions of the Family and Guardianship Code, specifically Article 88 of the cited act. At the outset, it should […]

What assets are subject to division after divorce?

Let’s start with the fact that after marriage between spouses a system of statutory community of property is created by law. This means that from that moment we are dealing with as many as three masses of property, namely the common property of the spouses and the personal property of each of them. Of course, […]

After a divorce, does the court always divide the property of the parties equally?

Recent articles have largely dealt with the issue of division of joint property after divorce of the parties. We have tried to introduce you to the essence of property division, methods of property division and other issues relating and closely related to the above topic. In today’s article, we would like to answer a frequently […]


Today’s article will focus entirely on the topic of the division of joint property of spouses after a divorce has been declared between them. As you know, it happens very often that the parties decide to dissolve the marriage that unites them. Spouses then face the need to answer the question of how to divide […]